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By providing continuous account management we will ultimately save you money and improve customer service.

Constantly monitoring your storage, distribution and fulfillment objectives to ensure we are operating the most cost effective solution for your business.

Your customer service is just as important to us as it is to you, and we go out of way to ensure your customers receive the same level of service as you would give them if you were managing your own warehouse.

Continuous account management means we understand your current needs and can assist you planning for growth and new product lines.

We provide a cost effective, safe, clean and secure warehouse for you to store all your valuable commodities as they await distribution.

We handle all goods from single boxes to 40"ft HC containers by goods receipting correct to paperwork or packing list provided and palletizing or sorting to your dispatch or storage needs.

Our Goods In team inspect on arrival, cross-reference and report back any discrepancies which are forwarded to you within the hour. Your goods are then located to a suitable location to await further instruction.

In turn when loading your goods, we do so with the maximum utilization of the container reducing your transportation costs.

We pride ourselves on attention to detail and our highly trained staff will make sure stock is picked and packed accurately and efficiently.

We offer a range of services including:
○ Fully customized pick locations from shelving to full pallet pick areas.
○ Fully flexible, motivated and experienced team to work to even the most demanding of deadlines.

*Exceptional levels of cleanliness and care given to all products whether it is from textiles to glassware – we’ve experienced it all!

Operating over 220,000 square feet of tailored stacking and storage solutions, our portfolio is diverse as the customers we serve.

We are adaptable in the levels of warehousing and fulfillment that we can provide and will work with you to assess your warehousing and distribution needs.

If you are looking for a warehouse business that can offer you more than just an empty space then you need to talk to a warehousing logistics expert, contact Walker Warehousing today.

Alongside our Goods In team we have a dedicated reprocessing team who will inspect upon delivery damage, and if required AQL and inspect goods from a spontaneous 10% to a full 100%.

We offer all kinds of services undertaken by our highly experienced reprocessing team:
○ reworking
○ recording or reprocessing
○ re-labeling
○ re-boxing
○ re-packaging
○ loose tread trimming
○ folding
○ re-packaging

Every customer has different requirements, and we have the ability to adapt.

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