We Don’t Make A Drama Out of Distribution

Beautiful man with abstract make upAs most of our customer’s know we “Don’t Make a Drama out of Distribution” but they may not know we help the local community with their Drama’s. Like most of the arts Abraham Moss Theatre company have suffered severe budget cuts. The theatre has been going for 17 years and has put on some outstanding productions. They also do some wonderful work within the community and take youngsters off the street and introduce them to theatre’s front and backstage roles.

Towards the end of 2011 Walker Warehousing heard that the Theatre company had nowhere to store their many backdrops, costumes and props built up over 17 years by children and adults alike. The problem they had was they had virtually no budget to pay for Storage. Carmel and John Walker came to their rescue and work tirelessly to find some space and now the company has a safe place to store all of their equipment.

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